Buyer’s Process

Welcome to Broker Dealer Place (BDP).  Thank you for considering us in your decision to purchase a firm and/or assets (money under management, books of business, branch offices, etc.)  All information given, and communication made to BDP, will be held in strict confidence.  In order to assist us in realizing your goals, please familiarize yourself with the following process:

  1. Complete the Buyer’s Profile;
  2. Contact from BDP representative to discuss type of acquisition;
  3. Determine purchase price range of acquisition;
  4. Sign and send executed Buyer’s Confidentiality and Non-Circumvent Agreement;
  5. Review listings on BDP Web site, and contact BDP staff regarding prospective choices;
  6. Select specific listing;
  7. Buyer provides evidence to pre-qualify purchase price and funding of acquisition;
  8. Execute Escrow Agreement and remit $20,000 refundable escrow deposit to the escrow agent;
  9. Receive Information Kit (document kit) from BDP;
  10. Contact potential seller;
  11. Offer submitted in writing to BDP;
  12. Seller notifies FINRA 30 days prior to closing;
  13. Execute Purchase and Sale Agreement (100% or 80/20%) with seller upon acceptance of offer;
  14. Initiate FINRA approval process (1017 – Material Change of Ownership.)  Special professionals can assist you through this complicated process (see Resources).

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